The Dutch Translators provides a wide range of language services in the languages English and Dutch.

We cater to businesses and individuals and work both locally and online providing quality services tailored to your needs.
We believe that translation is the most important channel to cross-cultural communication and we keep that always in mind in our work. Our goal is to deliver a high translation quality with due consideration of idiomatic and cultural nuances.

Values we care for in our work are quality, integrity, efficiency, cooperation and on time delivery.

With the Dutch Translators as a partner, you’ll receive a high quality, flexible and personal service and for your convenience we can do everything online.

our work

Our most common services are translating, proofreading, localization and editing. But we are also your partner for subtitling, quality control, correspondence and voice-over (in house digital recording facility).
Our clients are from industries such as broadcast media, education, entertainment, food, MLM, publishing, post-production, skin care, training and organizational development.
Type of projects are correspondence, forms, games, marketing material, movies, policies and procedures, presentations, product descriptions, questionnaires, resumes, video scripts and website content.

Our rates always take into account your unique demands.
The first step is to clarify your project in detail to arrive at a solution tailored to your budget and particular circumstances.
In general our rates are calculated on hourly basis or per source word. A fixed price is also negotiable. The rate depends on subject, difficulty, volume, deadline and quality and complexity of the source material.

Please, feel free to contact us for a free quote.

“Working with the Dutch Translators was a great experience. Marion was very helpful and her professional demeanor is beyond reproach. The quality of the work that I received was superior quality. I have worked with many translators and Marion is the best one I have worked with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs Dutch Translation services.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jared Lerman, Consultant and Contractor Computer Software

who we are

The Dutch Translators is a professional collaboration between linguists Marion van Dijk and Cees van der Linden. Born, raised and educated in the Netherlands and Belgium, they hold university degrees in Corporate Finance & Marketing and Human Resources.

Marion is working for over more than twenty years as a HR consultant and interim manager in the Netherlands for companies in a variety of industries. She has encountered professionals on different levels and from a wide range of disciplines. Written and verbal communication have always been an important part of her work and her interest. Marion loves to build relationships, is dedicated, goal and detail oriented, has a solid command of the Dutch culture, excellent verbal, written and computer skills and brings a good laugh.

Even though Los Angeles has been Cees’ home for the past twenty years, he still embraces his native culture and language and often visits the Netherlands, which allows him to stay up-to-date on the latest vernacular, spelling, and pronunciation. Cees is analytic and creative. He has an excellent command of both the English and Dutch language and an extensive experience in the entertainment industry. He teaches Dutch to individual American students and loves to work in his own professional recording studio.

Worldwide travels and constant interaction with people from a wide variety of cultures have helped us develop a deep awareness that a successful translation requires a thorough understanding of a language as much as the feeling and meaning behind the words.


The Dutch Translators is located in The Netherlands.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us any time.